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Professor Rick van der Ploeg, Research Director
Rick van der Ploeg is Professor of Economics at the University of Oxford and Research Director of the Centre for the Analysis of Resource Rich Economies (OxCarre). Formerly, he was Professor of Economics at the European University Institute, Florence and he is affiliated with the VU University of Amsterdam, and the Tinbergen Institute.

He is a research fellow in international macroeconomics at the Centre for Economic Policy Research.  He directs the public sector economics programme, and is Chair of the Scientific Council of CESifo.

The Advanced Instigator Grant of the European Research Council on 'Combating Climate Change: The Political Economy of Green Paradoxes' with Cees Withagen (2001-16) allows him to research the economics of climate change.

He is former Chief Financial Spokesperson in the Dutch Parliament, State Secretary of Education, Science and Culture of the Netherlands and Elected Member of the Unesco World Heritage Committee, and has been on the board of various commercial and non-profit organisations. Previous academic experience includes Cambridge, LSE, Tilburg and Amsterdam.

He has published extensively on macroeconomics, public finance, political economy and resource economics, and also has an interest in the economics of culture.

Publications include Foundations of Modern Macroeconomics with B.J. Heijdra (OUP, 2002), the edited Handbook of International Macroeconomics, and several other books.

For more information please see Rick van der Ploeg's Research Website.