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FVCML0208 10
Political Economy, Governance and Conflict

Resource management requires good governance.  Numerous empirical studies make it clear that the 'resource curse' is a problem for countries with governance indicators below a critical threshold, but not above it.  Furthermore, natural resources can erode the quality of governance in a country by encouraging rent seeking, corruption and, in extreme cases, civil war.  Our programme of research looks at the political economy of government choices and the circumstances which lead to bad decisions being taken.

Research Papers



Sambit Battacharyya & Roland Hodler Natural Resources, Democracy and Corruption
Christa Brunnschweiler & Erwin H Bulte Natural Resources and Violent Conflict: resource abundance, dependence and the onset of civil wars
Christa Brunnschweiler & Erwin H Bulte Fractionalization and the Fight over Natural Resources:  ethnicity, language, religion and the onset of civil war
Rick van der Ploeg Rapacious Resource Depletion: excessive investment and insecure property rights
Paul Collier & Anke Hoeffler Testing the Neocon Agenda: democracy in resource-rich societies
Rick van der Ploeg Why Do Many Resource Rich Countries Have Negative Genuine Saving? Anticipation of Better Times or Rapacious Rent Seeking
Benedikt Goderis & Samuel Malone Natural Resource Booms and Inequality: theory and evidence
Rick van der Ploeg Voracious Transformation of a Common Natural Resource into Productive Capital