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FVCML0208 10
Case Studies of Resource Management

This project, joint with CSAE and supported by the Revenue Watch Institute, involves a series of case studies of how countries have handled the critical decision points in their resource management.  Papers (listed below) are under revision and will be posted as they become available.



J. Rodrigo Fuentes

Managing Natural Resources Revenue: The Case of Chile.

Christopher Adam & Anthony Musonda

Harnessing Resource Revenues for Prosperity in Zambia.

Bernard Gauthier & Albert Zeufack

Governance and Oil Revenues in Cameroon.

Massoud Karshenas & Adeel Malik

Oil and Development in the Islamic Republic of Iran: dependence,
distortions and distribution.

Akram Esanov & Karlygash Kuralbayeva

Managing Boom-Bust Cycle in a Resource Rich Economy: the case
of Kazakhstan 2000-2008.

Olu Ajakaiye & Akpan Ekpo

Management of Resource Revenue: Nigeria.

Zainal Aznam Yusof

Government and Management of Resource Revenue: Malaysia.