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OEP Symposium

The following papers, presented at the OxCarre Launch Conference, 13/14 December 2007 are to be published
as part of the OEP Symposium series.




Rick van der Ploeg & Anthony J Venables (Oxford) Symposium on Resource Rich Economies. Introduction.
Oxf.Econ.Pap (2009), 61(4), 625-627
Francesco Caselli & Tom Cunningham (LSE) Leader Behaviour and the Natural Resource Curse
Oxf.Econ.Pap (2009), 61(4), 628-650
Christa N Brunnschweiler (ETH Zurich)
& Erwin H Bulte (Tilburg)
Natural Resources and Violent Conflict: Resource
abundance, dependence, and the onset of
civil wars
. Oxf.Econ.Pap (2009),61(4), 641-674
Stephen R Bond (Oxford, IFS) 
& Adeel Malik (QEH, Oxford)
Natural Resources, Export Structure, and Investment.
Oxf.Econ.Pap (2009), 61(4),675-702
Paul Collier & Benedikt Goderis (CSAE, Oxford) Structural Policies for Shock-Prone Developing Countries.
Oxf.Econ.Pap (2009),61(4), 703-726
Rick van der Ploeg (OxCarre) & Steven Poelhekke (EUI) Volatility and the Natural Resource Curse.
Oxf.Econ.Pap (2009),61(4), 727-760