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Trinity Term 2017

OxCarre Seminar Series

Tuesdays at ***2.30pm***
(unless otherwise stated*)
Seminar Room A,
Manor Road Building (Second Floor), Manor Road, Oxford OX1 3UQ

9 May

Speaker: Nicolai Kuminoff (Arizona State University)

Title: Hazed and Confused: Air pollution, cognitive functioning, and financial decision making among the elderly


23 May
Mark Jacobsen (University of California, San Diego)

Title: Optimal Corrective Taxes with Untaxable Externalities: Evidence from Motor Vehicle Pollution


6 June

Speaker: Olivier Deschenes (University of California, Santa Barbara)

Title: TBC


13 June (Joint with CSAE) 1pm Seminar Room C

Speaker: Guy Michaels (LSE)
Title: TBC




OxCarre  Lunchtime Seminar Series

Wednesdays at 12noon
(unless otherwise stated*)
Seminar Room D,
Manor Road Building (Second Floor), Manor Road, Oxford OX1 3UQ




26 Apr

Speaker:Gerhard Toews

Title: Cost of Dictatorships: evidence form oil and gas contracts


6 May

Speaker:Todd Schoellman (Arizona State University) - joint with CSAE

Title: Human and Development Accounting: New Evidence from Wage Gains at Migration

10 May

Speaker:Jacquelyn Pless (INET and Oxford Martin School) 

Title: The Surprising Pass-through of Solar Subsidies


17 May

Speaker: Sareh Vosooghi (Oxford - St Edmund Hall)

Title: Information Design in Coalition Formation Games


24 May

Speaker: Sabrina Eisenbarth

Title: TBC


31 May

Speakers:Anouk Rigterink & Thomas McGregor

Titles: TBC


7 June

Speaker: Chiara Ravetti

Title: TBC


14 June

Speaker:Gerhard Toews & Mike Dawes

Titles: TBC